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    i love to glowstring. it helps me concentrate and it like a relief for me. <br />i also like going to raves and little venues every so often. i love music. that is one thing that i will never give up on. i prefer to listen to hardstyle. pretty dope i love it. i also enjoy trance and house. <br /><br />other than that i listen to all kinds of rock, alternative, hardcore, metal, and some hip hop.

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    my brother...Dj Solarflare
  1. :D<3

    Haha, it's been forever since I seen youuuuu;

  2. hahaha i keep getting the same thing. vvv refering to kreep/.

  3. Word Association

    hahahahah this made me lol. gloves.
  4. i cant give you a ride to the fox kirby seth is the one that gives me a ride and we never have room in his car no matter what >,<

  5. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. i win(: hehehe.
  6. everything is right here.
  7. yuuuuump im pretty sure my nigga...
  8. the fact that im last(: aaaaaand means i win