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  1. I'm definitely looking forward to meeting folks at the pre-nocturnal meetup soon.

    And 458nm is amazing, thanks for sharing!

  2. Has anyone compared the sticks to the ones recommended on here? I want to pick up some colorbrights and cyalumes, but I saw that GloWarehouse has official GS.C bundles. Also are there any good LED sticks to purchase or am I better off just buying a ton / making my own?
  3. Name: Thong aka Boogeyman Age: 25 Gender: Male Location: Orange County, CA Interests: Almost everything, but I do love dancing, videogames and outdoor activities. If there were an outdoor rave with videogame music I would probably have a seizure from the excitement. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Fahrenheit 451 / These still exist? / Don't watch much TV, but I do like ABDC, Entourage and the Office (both British and American) Musical Interest: Easier to describe what I DON'T like: hardcore metal/rock with the screaming, Rap with too much swearing and no message, Repetitive songs with an obnoxious beat (boom boom pow is overrated), and anything with Keven Federline. I do have a soft spot for kpop and jpop though. Favorite group right now is probably Benny K. Goal in the next 5 years: Get out of debt. Don't run up your credit cards kids. Goal in the next 20 years: Have an MBA, wife, kids and be in the videogame industry or at least doing something I'm proud of. Own the PS7, Xbox Next, and the Nintendo "something cute but not as powerful" systems all at once. And finally have visited all 7 continents. Or maybe even 8, probably be cool to discover atlantis. What turns you on about the opposite sex: Open-minded with a great sense of humor that can actually hold a conversation with witty commentary. Adventurous and doesn't judge. Would also help if she were healthy physically since I like to go running, camping, surfing, rock-climbing, etc and would love to have a mate to do it with. Ok I give...a hot body and cute face help a lot If i had a million dollars I would: Stick as much as I can in a ROTH IRA, put 1/5 in a mutual fund, 1/5 in universal life insurance (I used to be a Financial Advisor), and use the rest to open my own business...such as a game development house. Or maybe use it to make some really cool art exhibits at Burning Man. I am good at: I'm math and science. But besides those, I kind of consider myself the modern day renaissance man; versed in a little bit of everything. I am quite proud of my procrastination skills as well...somehow I always get the job done. School (if applicable): Graduated from UCLA Work (if applicable): Restructuring Consultant I am on because: I was recently introduced to the Rave culture and was attempting to learn how to give lightshows...more specifically the oribit when I came across Lira's video on youtube. She's ridiculously talented, so naturally I was impressed and visited the site My website/pictures are located: I don't have one, but I made a new youtube account under BoogeymanPLUR which I will hopefully post videos on. Describe yourself: 5'6" with a natural curiosity and open mind. I like to keep productive whether it be by volunteering with local organizations, work, or learning/trying new things. Some of my friends think I'm oblivious, but I just think that they're overthinkers. What do you do for fun? Videogames, surf, movies, dance, find adventures to go on and just recently learning from this site. Random fact about yourself: -I majored in Econ and minored in Computer Science -My first and only rave ever was EDC '09 (I was at Hard Summer...but that was a bust) -I help run a summer camp for High School students every year -My real name really is Thong. -I once paid $35 for a haircut -I listen to NPR (89.3) everyday -I count calories so I'm probably annoying in that way -I believe everyone has something interesting about them What you did last weekend: Went to Hard Summer 09 and got shafted. What you do when you go out: Clubbing, eating, dancing, playing, joking...I'm not really sure what to answer here. When I go out, I make sure to try and keep a good attitude regardless of the situation. Are you in a relationship? Only with my job at the moment. Are you looking to be in a relationship? Sure if she doesn't mind me working 50-60+ hrs/week