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  1. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    this collab is gonna be fuckin sweet. since the 10th never happened, i would agree so too. PREPARE YOUR TISSUES & PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR MORE COLLABS!!! *THUMBS UP ILL POST FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE ALL DAY, ERERY DAY
  2. GSC Haunted Collab 5

  3. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    Count me in cuz Xetmath is muh boiiii COME ON PEOPLE LETS SUBMIT FOR THIS SHITTTT
  4. SSBMU!!! Cant wait to meet everyone in the EC. as of meow 85% that im going. just waiting for the official date

  5. thank youu :D

    birthdays are just mehhh to me these days.. hahaha. dont feel any older really.

  6. thanks for the new episode. im gonna hit up alex jone's podcast stuff right now.

  7. Cali on wednesday, ive talked to a good amount of people about meeting up, cant wait to see everyone!!

  8. i sure did. hahah thats an oldschool pic though. from a few years ago. i had alotbigger gages and my septum done. dont have it anymore, but i thought the pic was cool. hah :P

    cant wait to see you! ! :D

  9. thanks for the submission

  10. Im going to hawaii this Friday, for 6 days, if anyones out there maybe we can get something going, itd be way fun. no glowsticks though just to meet and sesh would be fun :D

  11. Making up my "routine" for my 1.5 SUPER STOKED got a new string manipulation :)

  12. No glowsticks... =/

  13. 1.5 glowsticking video coming next month :) EDC was a blast, it was good to see and sesh with all the pro's :D

  14. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

  15. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    Any updates on the meetup?!
  16. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    Aight chill chilllll, I'll see if the kids I string with in SLC want to go they're pretty sick too.
  17. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    mannnn. thats far. maybe I can get some buddies to carpool or something. I'd really like to attend this meetup.
  18. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    holy shit. Provo? pahahah i have NOOOOO idea how to get there, idk where it is even.
  19. ill watch out for itttt. and yeah man, definitely. LETS DOO ITTTT

  20. OMGGG! ! ! ! Its HINDE! ! ! ! ! magical mann with magical string powers! ! ! !

  21. When are you gonna put out a new videooo :D