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  1. SSBMU!!! Cant wait to meet everyone in the EC. as of meow 85% that im going. just waiting for the official date

  2. hey dude i had some link weave variations persay id like to get some feed back on and since ur the only one ive seen use it i figured u messed with it a lil and had some variations that need help

  3. thank youu :D

    birthdays are just mehhh to me these days.. hahaha. dont feel any older really.

  4. are those glowsticks in yer nose?!?!

  5. thanks for the new episode. im gonna hit up alex jone's podcast stuff right now.

  6. Cali on wednesday, ive talked to a good amount of people about meeting up, cant wait to see everyone!!

  7. i sure did. hahah thats an oldschool pic though. from a few years ago. i had alotbigger gages and my septum done. dont have it anymore, but i thought the pic was cool. hah :P

    cant wait to see you! ! :D

  8. OMGZ you changed your picture. :B

  9. Dude you are an awesome stringer man! I love your style and just how much flow you have

  10. thanks for the submission

  11. hey finished my clip for the string manip collab. its my first time coming up with a manip so be kind :) cant wait to see how the collab tunrs out :D