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  1. I just did a video with loki over my winter break. And actually I just practiced for like a half hour. Well off to class GSC then more practice. Thanks for the challenge TK.
  2. your tag is a win :]


  3. I found it online a while ago and just decided now i wanted to put it as my icon.

  4. YOU HAVE Tanidareal's old FA icon. How did you get it....

  5. Just picked up my sticks again after a long time. Been working on hybrid stuffs.
  6. I'm back. And will be posting a new video soon. Sorry I was gone guys.

  7. Sleep apparently is not something im good at.

  8. Hey Welcome to GS.C man. Finally glad to see someone else within a decent driving distance of Syracuse.
  9. Hey welcome to GSC!! Finally. xD jk.

  10. Hey thanks bro.

    Glad to be here.


  11. Hey, bro. Welcome to the GS.C!

    Glad you finally made it. :D