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  1. Its crazy. I can remember coming here after my first EDC in 2009. I had just graduated then and went on a road trip with friends to my first edm event. Wow, that day was insane. I saw many people sticking there and at the time I had never seen anything like it. Watching everyone was awesome. There were stringers and freehanders but I was blown away by the people free handing. After we got back home to Washington I did everything I could to start getting into glow sticking. I came across this site and learned pretty quickly. There were countless YouTube videos I constantly watched/studied trying to get better. I remember at the time Adub was killing it and I was really inspired by his style. I got pretty decent, posted on the forums, and talked to local event goers. Had a great time with all of it and then over time I got busy and into other things. By the time 2011 came around I wasn't going to events very much. Before 2011, Seattle's scene was small. You'd go and you remember the faces there....But, as time went on and events became more mainstream the scene here lost that feel of community, For me at least. So, I slowly stopping going to events, slowly started listening to different music and started playing guitar. More organic music and less electronic and I guess overall slowly stopped sticking/edm. I pick them up every now and again but I never use fresh sticks or try to come up with new material. I basically just pick them up for the memories and nostalgic-ness of it or when I'm listening to an older trance track. Today, I remembered the site out of random thought and figured I would hop on and see what's up. Logging on today, I see the forums are pretty much dead. I haven't logged on in forever and Its just weird to see that everyone has moved on to new things. Family, Work, School. Its just weird how time changes things. I hope everyone is well. I'm sure most people don't remember me, I could have been more vocal here I was when it was active but its a little to late for that. Just wanted to give a little post of dedication to this once awesome site. I cant say I'm still into the scene and culture now as much as I was back in 09 but this place will always be special to some. Including me. Thanks for everything GSC. <3
  2. happy birthday and i hope it is the best one you ever had early

  3. Duuuuuude I never check my profile comments lol.

    Meetup yes, Inly active people? yes. >.>

  4. We need to get a meet up planned sometime soon. I really feel that its just us that are the only active people in WA. =/

  5. Your slacking@!!@Q!@ Not really but are you going to Pirates4? There isnt an event thing posted.

  6. Yori's Room

    LOL thats awesome xD
  7. Do you still rave?

  8. Are you in the Navy?