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  1. Name:Dario Age:17 Gender:Male Location:Colorado Interests: Having a good time with whatever I do Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Family Guy Musical Interest: Underground Hip Hop and electronic/Dance Goal in the next 5 years:Have a well paying job doing something in the club scene Goal in the next 20 years: be married and high rollin What turns you on about the opposite sex: I'm a sucker for eyes If i had a million dollars I would:Be set I am good at: Learning and picking things up quickly School (if applicable): Work (if applicable): I am on because: I'm interested in it and think i've found a new passion My website/picutures are Describe yourself:i'm....unique lol What do you do for fun? hang out with friends and when i have money i go to raves usually Random fact about yourself: um im really good with people What you did last weekend:went to a party and hung out with friends What you do when you go out: party party party Are you in a relationship?no Are you looking to be in a relationship? i am yess