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  1. cool, so have you decided whether you're gonna be a freehander or stringer?

  2. That was actually the first meet up i ever went to.

  3. Yay i found you!! :D

  4. hi, glad you enjoyed the glowshop.

  5. LMAO people tend to think that but nahh

  6. So I hear you and felix are related.


    Just messin.

  7. Name: Jocelyn. People just call me Josie or jo jo. Age: 19 Gender: Female Location: New york Interests: Photography and a buncha other stuff i'm too lazy to name right now. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Don't read. . T.v shows:Degrassi. -shot.- Musical Interest: Anything really. Just not rap. Ick. Goal in the next 5 years: To be a successful Photographer. . Goal in the next 20 years: is to be alive and well. What turns you on about the opposite sex: What draws me to the opposite sex is personality. Reworded the question. Sue me If i had a million dollars I would: be rich. LOLOLOL! I am good at: A lot of things. School (if applicable): Some college. Work (if applicable): Focusing more on school first. I am on glowsticking.com because: I wanna make new friends and get involved in stuff. My website/picutures are located: Something I call my computer. Describe yourself: 5 feet 4 inches 110 pounds DEFIANTLY Fun sized NOT TINY!! Random, crazy, Always laughing &; smiling, confident. What do you do for fun? Photoshop things, take pictures, and play with my xbox. Random fact about yourself: Polkadot obsession. If it has 'em. I love it. What you did last weekend: i can't remember. What yo do when you go out: Have fun. Are you in a relationship? Yes.