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  1. :D<3

    Haha, it's been forever since I seen youuuuu;

  2. lol your such a dork love :D

  3. I never go on here anymore! I always get emails like " misses you Kreep!" Lol

  4. Haha, you're a dorkk!

    ILoveMyBoyfrann :)<3

  5. I love my girlfriend <3 lol

  6. Hey therre;

    Just wanted to say thanks for the welcome :)

  7. Just saying Hi to another Cali member, Enjoy the site and hope to see you at a meetup and on the boards.

  8. It suits me because people say it's a weird name; And that I'm weird. But in a "good way". UNIQUE like you say; And I'm fine with being weird, just as long as I make people laugh I'm good :)

  9. It is not weird; it is unique and cool. So why does it suit your personality?

  10. Haha! Nice observationn.

    And yeah, my name is pretty weird I must say, but I've heard it suits my personality very well :)

  11. I think that you're the only other person on these forums who uses semicolons in posts. Anyway, that's the first time I've heard someone by the name of Klarika - pretty cool =)

  12. Haha;

    Hello Joe, I'm Klarika :)

    Nice to "meet" youu.

  13. Yeah, I'll just break the ice already and say hi. Hi, I'm Joe - sup? =)

  14. hahah your such a dork!!!! i love you too

  15. Let me get yo numbaaa!

    Aha; I love you :)