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  1. Where are all the old school peeps at?

    Nice i.love the Congo going on I wish I was close to ft worth but I'm in the Pasadena area, also the downy area so if anyone is down to have a meet in those areas that would be kool
  2. Where are all the old school peeps at?

    Thats great Hunter I love to see the the new generation with the right mind set. What city are you from?
  3. Where are all the old school peeps at?

    Word will lets see if we can get all of the so cal peeps together. Hows down for a meet?
  4. Hey everyone names jay aka TheFakeGhost, I recently logged back on to gs.c and saw the last post was yesterday but prior to that it has been quiet. I haven't been on the forums for a while due to my lack of time and accessibility, but now I'm back and I was looking Drake heart and demo. Back in 09 (or 08 don't remember) gs.c had an event at the anime expo, that's when I picked up my first glow stick and the world of EDM opened for me. I started djing and producing tracks for personal use (hobby). When my sister told me she wanted to go to edc I was shocked, she didn't even know who half of the artist were she wanted to go cuz all her friends were going... I am then realized something was happening the mass were on a rampage. I'm 25 now and stepped away from any and all large events, I prefer small intimate venues. (Anyways) I remember a few members were doing a S.O.S slogan (save our scene) is that still going on because honestly I think now more than ever is when it is needed. The younger generation is really into EDM so I would like to help pave it so it can be safe and positive experience for all. And let's try to revive this forum, meets, BBQ, let's try to make the way it was before the masses corrupted it. Thanks for reading pm me and/or comment Thanks again, TheFakeGhost -end of rant-
  5. i can :)

    just message me your username & password.

    and what is a sig?

  6. yah that would be nice if u can and in return i will make u a sig

  7. ill make its smaller for you!

    if you want.

  8. yah i know im lazy to make it smaller lol

  9. oh lol.

    and man your picture is huge!

  10. yah cuz u where not on GCS for a while :)

  11. hey poppa bear :)

    what do you mean where am i at lol?

  12. is writing his musical

  13. hi kiddo :) where u at! lol

  14. finally lol.

    once in a million years haha.

    so yeah I see you today like you had said!

    :* miss you.