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  1. My bad for late post. I was gonna respond today but i noticed they deleted the topic.

  2. Yo was up been M.I.A for a bit my stickz is pretty epic lol

  3. Stealin ur stickz xP

  4. Name:Alex C Age:18 Gender:Male Location:Use to live in Honolulu but now Miami,Florida Interests:Hardstyling,Breakdancing,Glowsticking,Working Out Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:Naruto,Bleach Musical Interest:Anything that sounds good Goal in the next 5 years:Obtain a Degree Goal in the next 20 years:Be rich >.> <.< What turns you on about the opposite sex:Same interests as me and they can do it better If i had a million dollars I would:Donate and help out my family and friends I am good at: Partying!!! School (if applicable): Just graduated Work (if applicable): Just moved so have not looked into it I am on because: Every time i needed help with my freehand i went to youtube and you guys were there My website/picutures are located:Facebook,Myspace Describe yourself: Funny,Random,Fun,Nice =o What do you do for fun? Glowstick and Go out rave Random fact about yourself: Like super mario bros What you did last weekend: Nothing =( What yo do when you go out: Rave Are you in a relationship? No Are you looking to be in a relationship? i guess =0