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  1. cant wait for edc! :]

  2. if you go to you can dl the tracks on there :D enjoy :]

  3. Well of course I just joined up on Soundcloud and joined a group and put my music there but like I just thought it would be nice to know what GSC thought

  4. lol your such a dork love :D

  5. i cant give you a ride to the fox kirby seth is the one that gives me a ride and we never have room in his car no matter what >,<

  6. well b4 i even got chance to read your comment i figured it out from reverse split time butterfly going counterclock wise from my perspective >,<

  7. umm i checked out yours when you posted it up, and now that im kinda stuck with my whole stringing capabilities i wanna really dedicate to doing polyrythms any prequisite tips?

  8. I love my girlfriend <3 lol

  9. loving your handles videos man :) im so envious of your poly rythm they are soo hard >,<

  10. did you end up going to nocturnal???

  11. i didnt see your comment for like ever im sorry lol and as for new video maybe soon my 4 month passed the other week ago but yeah i might i need a camera though :(

  12. yeah now that i have it down its like my favorite move lmao

  13. dude btb 2beat fountain :D i finally got it down X_x thanks for the tut man :D

  14. lol your a dork lmao why dont you make some threads??? you should i made one and it got so many replys if you want try and look for it it says what was the most emberrassing moment that has happened to you while glowstringing lol its pretty funny

  15. oh lame lol yeah me and cyanide66 tried to get it working through netplay in options and when he tried to join the server i made it would come up as an error

  16. how do you get the streetfighter to work online? i wanna play with (jon) cyanide66 and we cant figure it out :( thanks

  17. its all good bro. i just got word from someone on the site that told me i can probably save the songs by going through the harddrive using a dif comp to access it so sometime this week im going to work on it :)

  18. dude you know what sucks??? idk if you know about my whole music thing or not but i was working on an album finally cause i wanna send it to a couple lables and try to get a trance/techno lable but sadly my comp blue screened later that night that i got the street fighter download and i had 4 unrealeased tracks that no one but me has ever heard not even my girlfriend heard em and i think the only

  19. hi afro! =D lmao

    guess what btw btb fountains are actually comming along =D its just getting into it i nail my chest alot lmao i just need to get used to my hand having to reach farther over lol

  20. hahah your such a dork!!!! i love you too

  21. dude trust me lol i love that chick and always will till the day i die XD