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  1. cant wait for edc! :]

  2. if you go to you can dl the tracks on there :D enjoy :]

  3. hey man, anyway i could get some copys of your songs?

  4. Well of course I just joined up on Soundcloud and joined a group and put my music there but like I just thought it would be nice to know what GSC thought

  5. hahaha i keep getting the same thing. vvv refering to kreep/.

  6. lol your such a dork love :D

  7. I never go on here anymore! I always get emails like " misses you Kreep!" Lol

  8. i cant give you a ride to the fox kirby seth is the one that gives me a ride and we never have room in his car no matter what >,<

  9. well b4 i even got chance to read your comment i figured it out from reverse split time butterfly going counterclock wise from my perspective >,<

  10. utterfly's (TTN) at the top & bottom petals.

  11. Yes, youll probably fuck up 95% of the time in trying to learn the move.... but with the other 5%, you need to remember what you did, itll help how you learn.

    Otherwise, the basic tips are:

    *The Anti-spinning hand has 4 petals and only at one of those petals is the extensioning hand out in front of the antispinning hand.

    *Split-time butterfly on the side petals, regular-time b

  12. umm i checked out yours when you posted it up, and now that im kinda stuck with my whole stringing capabilities i wanna really dedicate to doing polyrythms any prequisite tips?

  13. Yo dood, idk bout you californians but we got us half a foot of snow on the ground in colorado here so i guess ill send you back a nice comment.

    Witht the polyrhythms, it takes a lot of time and practice to get, everyone does them a lil differently so just be patient and it will come to you. Have you been using any tuts?

  14. Haha, you're a dorkk!

    ILoveMyBoyfrann :)<3