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  1. hey great to see a new face here in the EC hope 2 see u at a future meetup our event

  2. wow i never knew kandi culture was so deep
  3. Name: Sai Ya Jinzoningen (lol) Age: oldest raver that isnt a hippy Gender: Male Location: NYC USA (born and raised) Interests: My family, Anime, video games, comics (not so much anymore cant justify the expenditure) and my newest oldest hobby "the sticks" Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: hmm favorite book dresden files, favorite magazine sound and vision Tv show is hard i don't watch much TV the big bang theory? Musical Interest: My musical world is black and white i love trance i can tolerate anything else besides gangsta rap Goal in the next 5 years: have another child Goal in the next 20 years: have a house, strong family ties, and sustain relationships with longtime positive friends What turns you on about the opposite sex: I love a woman who can dance If i had a million dollars I would: diversify my investments move to a more liberal country that is economically/environmentally stable I am good at: wow at my age u acquire a lot of useless skills mostly im good at fixing things lol School (if applicable): college graduate I am on because: i like and agree with the philosophy of this group My website/pictures are located: N/A Describe yourself: hispanic, 6'1. quiet, introverted What do you do for fun? read, play games, and now STRING STRING STRING Random fact about yourself: i suffer from generalized social anxiety disorder What you did last weekend: BBQ's What yo do when you go out: now? i string lol Are you in a relationship? Married with children Are you looking to be in a relationship? Never, dating is too much work lol