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  1. wooo logged on! lol

    to my sis: suck it! lol

  2. Name: Arianne Age:soon to turn 17 Gender:Femalee Location:Downey Interests: art, stars, music, and kandi Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Book-East of Eden TV Show-Conan O'Brien Musical Interest: Trance! Goal in the next 5 years: Have enough money to move Goal in the next 20 years: own houses in different locations hehe What turns you on about the opposite sex: the mind and how they truly think If i had a million dollars I would: donate a lil there shop a lil here and buy my mom a car I am good at: speaking french School (if applicable):Warren Work (if applicable) job...yet I am on because: i wanna know more ppl involved in the culture My website/pictures are located: my pc Describe yourself:funny, likes to laugh a lot, honest, sarcastic, open-minded, individual What do you do for fun? cut people off lol jk play video games Random fact about yourself: i am my high schools mascot What you did last weekend: hung out with my bf phenomenom What do you do when you go out: driveee Are you in a relationship? yess i amss Are you looking to be in a relationship?