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  1. Watched sucker punch and had magic the gathering lesson at Bryan's house yesterday. I wish I have a white deck and play in teams. It seems kinda fun but so much money to spend. XD

  2. it's time to say goodbye to my old dreams and make a new.

  3. ugh I miss my old FF victory ring tone.

  4. Yay magic card lessons! Time to nerd up. :P

  5. lol my previous co-worker and some of the retreatant doesn't like the new employeer and said they were going to file a complaint and want me back. lol I feel loved. :D

  6. go go japan. drop more water! XD

  7. it's so windy tonight.... o.o

  8. My mom keeps saying there is going to be a huge earth quake next year in 2012.

  9. sigh I am so bored and my dad took my car. =(

  10. Somebody please take my manga away! They are all in Japanese though. XD

  11. wow they sold out in 5 hours...

  12. Had a funny dream last night wth? lol

  13. Hmm i miss eating at bento & noodles near my house but i am on a diet. i need to find someone willing to split meals with me. lol

  14. I have no idea who I'll end up marrying in the future but I'm gonna work hard to make my man feel he is the luckyiest guy in the whole world