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  1. Hello my short friend! I'm happy that we met at EDC. You are a funny and sweet girl. Take care of yourself!

  2. Awesome to see you at EDC and meet you! I can't wait to see you again!!!

  3. We make some really odd ones at school as well as normal ones... and there's a story behind each saying which is the great part. plur (duh, doesn't everyone?) j-flow IDF scarlett blue sparky antigone star spryte sporky prada gucci waaaaaaaaaaaake up bahnahnah kate moss mka olsen delta pi (that was a huge combination story... oi-vey) dire wolf angel eccentricsanonymous huuuuuugz i care HH fairy xtc mrow mrew there are more but i can't find them because they've run away or something
  4. welcome to GSC! hope to meet you at EDC :)