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    found your tutorials via google, they were nice
  1. You know you're a stringer when your friends think you're trying to commit suicide but really, you're just trying to do a windmill on a step stool without shattering all of the dishes you have laying around your apartment, when suddenly your strings get caught in the ceiling fan, tipping you off balance so the stool flies back, ramming into your computer, causing it to sputter out some "404: Goodbye cruel world" error.
  2. Age: 20 Interests: almost anything Musical Interest: psytrance What turns you on about the opposite sex: long hair, dark eyes, tentacles I am good at: making strange noises School (if applicable): i love debt Work (if applicable): gloved dishwasher I am on glowsticking.com because: I have terrible coordination and would like to improve that. Describe yourself: a slow kinesthetic learning internet junkie, ambidextrously determined to freehand... (Projectile objects, even when on a leash, have a certain proclivity for entering my eye sockets, so I think I should avoid stringing for now.) What do you do for fun? run mock charities for NAMBLA (don't try this if you're attempting to raise beer money.) Random fact about yourself: I am for the women of the "Topfree" movement What you did last weekend: teach immigrants how to swear like a native What you do when you go out: find new and interesting ways to hide my apartment keys from myself