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  1. I'm going to school and working full time now so even if I did have time, I'm pretty much too broke to have a social life. :\

  2. Hey you heading to push pop next week or any other SD raves soon?

  3. Hey, thanks for the welcome! Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but busy is as busy does. Much appreciated though!

  4. I should be able to make it. I've got a friend in Irvine who's place I can crash at.

  5. I fought desperately to have the PreMeet at Irvine to make it easier for the San Diego people. =( Hope you're able to get the day off =D

  6. lol, no doubt about that

  7. Yeah, everyone can agree that she's every type of awesome

  8. yeah, haruko \m/

  9. You don't even know. I have a kitten named Takun. =D

  10. Uhhh Just stopping in to tell you that your sig of FLCL is awesome! I love FLCL and my ex-gf has a sweet tat of it on her ribcage!

  11. I definitely want to make the EDC pre meet up. I'm going to ask for that day off today.

  12. You should come come to the Pre-EDC meet up =D it will be plenty of fun for the whole family!

  13. Just dropping by to welcome you again, I hope to see you posting more (=

  14. Name: Erika Age: 22 Gender: Female Location: San Diego, CA Interests: Dancing, drawing, reading, running, karate, snowboarding, movies, popcorn, little-known restaurants, Nightcrawler, gummi bears, and driving. I'm sure there's more beyond this rambling. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: My favorite book series is the Kushiel Legacy by Jaqueline Carey, no faved magazine and I don't watch TV enough to have a favorite. Maybe Firefly. Maybe. It is pretty awesome. I could throw BSG up in there too. Musical Interest: I love listening to it and attempting to sing it. While it's been said I should keep it Goal in the next 5 years: Finishing up college. That would be nice to have done before another five years go by. D: Goal in the next 20 years: Shit, who thinks that far ahead? ... I would like to be a sixth or seventh dan in karate. That's just about the only thing I can think of. What turns you on about the opposite sex: ... If only I had something I could say here. If I had a million dollars I would: ... probably spend it on absolutely useless things. I am good at: Keeping myself occupied? Work (if applicable): Expert Cream Cheese Applicator I am on because: I just want to learn more, really. My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: There's this fine line that's hard to toe that seperates irritatingly modest and overly narcisstic when one tries describe themselves. DON'T MAKE ME DO IT, I'm inebriated and I always fail the line test. What do you do for fun? I try to be crafty? Actually, I marathon movies and books if I can spare the time. I drive around a lot. I hear the average driving in a year someone does is arund 15k. I'm slated for 25kish. D: What the eff. Random fact about yourself: Most people know my favorite color is orange, followed by blue, but my secret favorite color is pink. What you did last weekend: I went to a BBQ with a friend and made myself some pasta there because I had this crazy notion to be a vegetarian for a year. October, people... I'm waiting for October to get here. What do you do when you go out: Have a good time? Are you in a relationship? Negatory, ghostrider. Are you looking to be in a relationship? Also negatory.