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  1. Hi Aqua! I randomly decided to check to see if the site still even existed. makes me sad to see how empty it is but I couldn't help but smile a bit seeing someone still active from when I was in high school still stringing.

    1. Aqua


      Hey shmucky! Awww thanks for the message ^-^ Yep! I'm still here lurking the graveyard. I'm still practicing too. That's so cool you started in high school! I'd love to see a clip of you if there's any online. 

      If you feel like chatting on a glowsticking discord server (which is also pretty quiet), here's an invite link: 

      I also see the most content these days on

      Hope to see you around!

    2. shmucky


      I joined the discord, and yea I have one vid on YT: 


    3. Aqua


      your flow is so smooth! sorry this took so long to reply, but this is so awesome! loved the mouth pin at the end there :D

  2. What happened to CancerKid? :(

  3. Pity :(

    Havent seen you around the site in a while :(

  4. Azzie on Shmucky's Profile :0


  5. Delete Your Account

    Once you join GS.C *Demonic Voice* You Never leave!
  6. when someone calls you a "raver" and in your heard your thinking i'm a "glowstringer"
  7. Wow thanks for the reply. that made my day lol