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  1. First practice vid

    Thanks man, appreciate the feedback & encouragement! I've got to do yoga or something lol.. my shoulders don't quite move like they used to.
  2. First practice vid

    Getting back into stringing and recorded my first practice session. I haven't stringed since freshman year, and man it feels good. Props to everyone still stringing and keeping the community alive.
  3. man what a video... awesome stuff all throughout. The first 20 seconds and 2:05-2:20ish are the highlights for me.. That X pattern is so badass.. it looks like the glowsticks are just dancing around your hand. What are flourishes btw?
  4. Hey all, I tried looking for this old video and couldn't find it in the GSC archive (maybe I'm bad at searching?). It's Will's video set to the music of "Love is gonna save us" by Benny Benassi. It was one of the first videos I saw years ago that inspired me to start glowsticking, and I'd love to see it again.. EDIT: Sorry, can a mod delete this thread? It occurred to me that the video may be floating around online somewhere, and I actually found it on the GSC youtube channel. it's not in the archive, so someone may want to add it there (05.02.05 glowstringing - ).
  5. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    @PoX yeah, same here.. a long, long time haha. I used to string in high school and lurked here just trying to learn. Like a lot of members, it seems college and life took priority. I'm starting to practice again.. Anyone stringing in the SF/Bay Area?
  6. It's been so long

    awesome video.. I'm just starting to get back into stringing and you've provided me a lot of inspiration for what to practice/learn, so thank you!
  7. GLUBBIDY - Our first Glowstringing Video Submission !

    Nice spinning, and good work putting yourselves through a spinning bootcamp - I could tell you guys had fun with it.