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  1. Hiya (= welcome to gsc. Glad to see you're posting more!

  2. Name: Meow/ Fish/ Apple (idk which I prefer honestly) Age: 20 (21 in may :D) Gender: i believe i am a girl Location: jax, fl; used to be detroit-area, mi Interests: butts. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Book- neuromancer or snow crash. Magazine- fuck this media- cause of society's ills. Tv show- BSG, but that's over - i generally don't watch tv anyway, not owning one.. Musical Interest: All, srs. Lots of hardstyle and dnb lately, then mixing in some new age at night.. Goal in the next 5 years: I don't really have one. A job? Goal in the next 20 years: God I cannot imagine myself at 40. What turns you on about the opposite sex: I am not generally attracted to the opposite sex.. I think the writer of this survey should break out of the heteronormative box a little ;] If i had a million dollars I would: Ohh shit. Buy my mom's house, give her some money (she is currently unemployed- fuck this economy). Buy a bunch of stuff I want. Give my husband some money, idk. Invest 30% I am good at: drawing (sometimes), photoshop (most of the time), kandi making; i am told I have skills, people have also said I'm funny..looking. School (if applicable): I used to go to a community college in MI; nada down in FL Work (if applicable): n/a, currently looking I am on because: I am interested in getting into this! It looks fun and something to do with my endless amounts of time My website/picutures are located: plurspace ? Describe yourself: I rule most of the time. I dye my hair a lot. I dress weird. What do you do for fun? DESTROY LIVES idk pet my cat, draw, photoshop, internet, kandi Random fact about yourself: I co-administrate a certain message board ... What you did last weekend: Moved some things out of my old house to my new one, went to the store What yo do when you go out: Be amazing Are you in a relationship? Yes, I am married <3 Are you looking to be in a relationship? No, we tried doing that swapping thing. Too much drama and not enough attractive people. ugh.