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  1. Oh wow that took me by surprise haha when is it?

  2. RAAAAWWWWRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *cough* i mean, meow!

  3. jajaja cual opcion? yo lo quiero como anteeeesss

  4. no me gusta tanto >.< quiero el layout pasado!!!! es q este se ve tan comun y corriente :( todo hi5 jaja

  5. wow. i read the comment and it has like 2 errors. ugh

  6. nooo. since i'm not allowed to call you pretty joe which i think it's a super cool nickname, i have nothing left but to call you a geek =] and geeks are cool! i don't it's offensive either hahaha

  7. jajajajaja si cuidadillo con ese mae :S jajaja acosador #1 quien era??? jaja nos vemos hoy <3

  8. lol cual creeper? jajajaja acosadores! jajaja se acuerdaaa

  9. jajaja el mae.... te amo PRECIOSA jaja

  10. entre hoy y ma;ana? q es q no quiere hablar conmigo? :( jaja

  11. jajaja sea tan vago =P todo bien? hey xq no te tengo en el msn?!

  12. NICE VID! i love your cat xD

  13. idk if i should believe you or not... i think i will, just to feel better..


  14. what? you lost it? I'm disappointed... don't expect me to be happy for you when you come here!

  15. it freaks me out when you visit my profile... haha

  16. Three, 2 cats and 1 dog. Why? XD

  17. TE AMO PYT FAQ JAVA JK SYC i didn't have a lot of letters so i had to improvise... =P
  18. hi! umm so until today i saw the comment you wrote me on december 15th xP thankkyouuu :3 and meow to you to!!! :D

  19. Chubby me loves you not :D btw I uploaded my kandi pics to the kandi section ^^ how was ur test btw?


  20. Okkk I was going to do the fun-looking questionnaire but i think i would reveal a lot of stuff o_O anyways, my name is Connie and i have no idea how to start learning glowsticking... it's really cool and i'd love to learn i love happycore music, techno, electronic, etc... and i've got friends who shuffle. i'm learning tectonic cuz i think it's pretty cool and i would love to make a weird but amazing combination of tectonic and glowsticking (is that even possible?!) anyways nice meeting you all and i hope u can help me, especially since it took me almost 10 minutes trying to figure out how to sign up xoxo