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  1. Have patience with yourself. Freehand is difficult at first, specially if you don't have some previous dance experience, but it'll come to you, no worries.
  2. The SO TODAY I..... Thread

    So today I studied particle dynamics, studied a bit more, ate breakfast, kept on studying, went to sleep after an all-nighter, woke up, ate some Choco Frosted Flakes, and got in here. Pretty much my day in a nutshell.
  3. Thing with freehand, there are some basics, and a lot of concepts, but as for tossing, tracing, stalling, and the such, in the end it all comes down to your imagination. If you think it'll look good and you wanna try it out, then go for it. That's how most concepts are created after all.
  4. For the inverted helicopter, try getting your isos in good shape first. As for your non-dominant hand, I'll give you the same advice Photon gave me a few years ago, whatever you practice with your dominant hand, practice it twice as much with the other one, it'll eventually start working out. UTL toss? o.o
  5. Practice Vid

    So it's been ages since I practice/make a video, but here it is. First half's freehand, second's shuffling, just in case. Sorry about all the cuts and that, but video was pretty long so I had to shorten it up. Apologies on the mistakes beforehand. (couldn't really see the youtube vid thing, so here's the link)
  6. Just practiced a bit after ages of not doing crap, recorded something, probably will post something later on. Dropped them tons of times as well.
  7. ya hice mi post jeje y me contesto adrillf :')

  8. Pretty much working on the same things as always, getting my body to move correctly, not drop the sticks as often, and see if by any chance I get some nice toss combinations down with some flow of movement in the process... It's a constant work in progress
  9. happy birthday and may it be the best you ever had

  10. The SO TODAY I..... Thread

    So today I posted after a long time, and I don't want to do tomorrow's test ._.
  11. The Challenge Game! XD SOmething to motivate myself to do with my glowsticking! I'm in! Giovanni Hernandez

  12. my word >>>>>>>> your word :3