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  1. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because I agree, farting is a biological necessity. -w-
  2. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because Adrillf deserves a ban, because it's been around 40 years now, and the SW saga is still strong, both within the fans and within the economical realm. Sure, a lot criticize George Lucas for being a money monger, even the fans do, but it's still a strong saga and with a lot of potential inside of it, and it's been the foundation of a lot of the modern sci-fi... Not to mention that special effects were introduced by the Star Wars saga.
  3. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Oh I understand, but just as I ban you for the lulz, I do the randomness out of fun. And yes, I ban you, my good sir
  4. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Gerdd... is that like, derp? And therefore, I ban you.
  5. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because I ban like a boss
  6. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because he would have already chopped his arms off doing wraps... And technically, even if he did use them, I believe they used to call that "glowchucking" or something of the sort. I also ban Adrillf because he clearly has not heard of the Expanded Universe ._.
  7. Have patience with yourself. Freehand is difficult at first, specially if you don't have some previous dance experience, but it'll come to you, no worries.
  8. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned for not banning again, and a Ronto should not speak to his Jedi Master in such ways. Much to learn you still have, youngling -w-
  9. The SO TODAY I..... Thread

    So today I studied particle dynamics, studied a bit more, ate breakfast, kept on studying, went to sleep after an all-nighter, woke up, ate some Choco Frosted Flakes, and got in here. Pretty much my day in a nutshell.
  10. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because you have not yet heard about the awesomeness and the legend that is the lockshot. Nuff' said.
  11. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned for banning me. Respect your elders, youngster. ._.
  12. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned for shunning Adrillf on that matter... One should not shun proper hygiene, after all.
  13. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned for stealing my cheers... And I ban kemical since lockshot's legit. The other one's just a fake, after all.
  14. !!!!Banned!!!!

    Banned because you didn't ban, and because it seems we have another zombie victim ._.