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  1. GSC Chat lives again!

    Oi, I'm feeling lonely all by myself in the chat Cheers
  2. Wow it's been a while

    I still have those traveling plans to the states locked up somewhere. *-) Cheers
  3. Hello

    Ah sure, why not. Cheers
  4. Word Association

    match cheers
  5. Don't worry GSC

    I still love you, but I suck at long distance relationships Cheers
  6. Tinychat

    Scroll to the top of the screen and search for the text which reads "tinychat" in de upper right area. Cheers
  7. Tinychat

    Ladies and gentlemen, From across the pond I have once again taken up my handles. Join me in TC for random talks and glowsticking. Perhaps a fixed time can be agreed upon? Cheers!
  8. GSC Revival Collab

    Ah why not, I might as well join in if it is still open for submissions?
  9. Word Association

    The Hulk Cheers
  10. Word Association

  11. Ph0toN's Weirdness Thread

    Do you still have a recording of your Harry Potter GSC cover? If so, please, please, please post it, it was hilarious Cheers
  12. Word Association

  13. Contradiction?

    Given the fact that I'm somewhat tired and therefor not in the mood of writing a very long reply, I'll keep it pretty simple. With a pen you are able to pretty much create every result which you can create with a sword, but not only that, you are capable of doing far more with a pen than with a sword. As for the action speaks louder than words part, I think this should be seen more in the light of judging people for what they do. People might say they do one thing but actually do another. Cheers