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  1. What's Up Chicago (and suburbs)?

    wil and wes can kick the rust off....the proved that two years ago when we went to deadmau5
  2. What's Up Chicago (and suburbs)?

    im still post!
  3. happy birthday

  4. if your getting color assuming thats what u ment by brights i'd say green, blue, and yellow red gets extremely dim quickly and doesn't show up on a camera at all if u try to record, i haven't tried the hot pink or the purple so unfortunetly i have no information to help u with those too on brightness level Green by far, then blue, then yellow ( yellow gets 3rd because they didn't illuminate half as much as i thought they would) so all in all i say green and blue imo but get what u want and have fun experimenting Muzz
  5. you know your a stringer when you have tan lines on your fingers from stringing outside with dead sticks for hours on end
  6. Midwest Intro Thread

    Name : Mike...can call me Muzz Location : Manhattan IL when home .. Romeoville IL when at school Style : Strings/Freehand =( to bad a lot of the illinois peeps aren't around to much now
  7. Name: Michael AKA Muzz Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: Chicago South Suburbs Interests: music, cars, flying, snowboarding, drumming, and now glowsticking Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: ... Musical Interest: everything, but trance/dance/techno ect is my main thing Goal in the next 5 years: Commercial Pilot Goal in the next 20 years: above plus married and family What turns you on about the opposite sex: what doesnt, i mean every woman is beautiful If i had a million dollars I would: pay for the rest of my college education and split it amonst my family I am good at: ... School (if applicable): Lewis University Work (if applicable): Psychology Firm I am on because: it looks like a lot of fun and i wanna learn how to do it My website/picutures are located: no where facebook me...michael mazzoni Describe yourself: super out going, love to laugh and just hang around people What do you do for fun? what dont i do for fun Random fact about yourself: i own a rare 80's car What you did last weekend: midterms What yo do when you go out: lol dont really go out when im at school and when im home just hang with friends where ever we decide to go Are you in a relationship? no Are you looking to be in a relationship? yes