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    My interests are games, music, and friends. I do gloving but I am learning to get better at freehanding which I am love doing even though I am not very good at it yet ><

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    I heard of this site through one of your members whose name is Jason Lorenz me and him are good friends.
  1. Gloves Technique Tutorials

    alright thank you I will wait until then to buy those but for now just try to get some random gloves that will work to do some practicing.
  2. Gloves Technique Tutorials

    Where did you get those gloves that you use in your tutorials from because im going to start learning to do gloving but cant find any gloves.
  3. Thank you . And I am glad to be part of the GS.C family and hoping to learn alot from everyone here .
  4. This is the reason I am glad to have joined GS.C. The rules or guidelines you have set I completely agree and I got into freehanding because seeing it was like seeing a painting or hearing a song, it is a form of art, you use the music, the glowsticks and your body as a whole and its an amazing feeling to do it. And I firmly stand by the ideals of PLUR and Glowsticking. I am glad to be a part of the GS.C family and that everyone here is so passionate about this, and I am new so I am still grasping on the ideals of glowsticking and PLUR but I am learning and am glad to be learning from the GS.C community. Glowsticking is a beautiful art and is something I can express myself with, I am no good at drawing or painting and can't play any instruments but when I freehand I can express myself and just use my body,soul,glowsticks and the music to express an emotion or story that im trying to tell. Also I just wanted to add I really enjoy the discussions and how each person approaches their replies because there is no hostility whatsoever and its amazing I have seen many stereotypes against the glowsticking community and have been labeled an E head for listening to techno so much. Well I enjoyed reading this thread and looking forward to being a part of more discussions like this after of course i get a better hold on the glowsticking ideals and culture.