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  1. 晩ã”飯ã¯ã¨ã¦ã‚‚ãŠã„ã—ã„ã§ã—ãŸï¼

  2. Just did a little glowsticking for the first time in over a year. Felt really good. Also hurt a couple times. I'm definitely rusty.

  3. These Korean pears taste like candy!

  4. Alvin just got his 3-bt!!

  5. Even at Disney's Grad Nite I was asked if I was rolling five times just cuz I can actually dance.
  6. thanks for the comment man!

  7. I was creeping around the forums and saw a couple posts by you! This makes me happy lol.

    And I love your avatar.

  8. You need to post fool! Get to know people.

  9. hey how did you make that sweet little avatar thing next to your name

  10. GS.C is a site made by Dave, payed for by Dave, for Dave's purposes. IOP it's strange to come up to something someone owns, use it, then tell the owner they're wrong about it. I think you have the wrong definition of battle. If two "battlers" get together to string in a friendly manner and share their moves, that's a meetup. Not a battle. According to Webster's Dictionary, a "battle" is "A fight or encounter between the forces of enemy nations or opposing armies." When I first joined this site I stumbled upon this thread and read that if I don't fully understand the rules yet, I should follow them anyway so that veterans will respect me, trust me, and nurture my skills. As I have learned more about the culture promoted on GS.C I am more attracted to those ideals. I am a Junior in highschool, so I have to refrain from glowsticking in highschool for this year, and my whole senior year as well. My parents are very protective, so it's going to be a while before I can even go to a rave. So what do I do? I practice in eager anticipation of the day I get to glowstick with fellow GS.Crs, and experience the community first hand. The whole reason I glowstick is because I find it SO relaxing. I can't understand how someone can glowstick with a battler's mentality and stick to it. I figure they'll drop it soon enough. I feel that the culture is a VERY important part of glowsticking.