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  1. using the environment? i noticed something when i was spinning fire at a friends house. i was doing "dancing with knives" (btb butterfly alternating between the legs; is that the actual name?) and as i came out of it i wrapped the poi around a clear dog line thingy. it was accidental but the group watching thought it was awesome. im sure others have thought of doing this but i havent seen a post on it yet. then again, i havent been on this site in ages. i can attempt to make a video of what im thinking, if that would be better. i think its a neat idea; however it heavily restricts movement. so neat or silly?
  2. Name: Brian Age: 19 Gender: male Location: michigan Interests:computer games, movies, paintball, and now glowstringing Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Musical Interest: all minus country Goal in the next 5 years: graduate college Goal in the next 20 years: be alive What turns you on about the opposite sex: personality If i had a million dollars I would: buy my current workplace and demo it. I am good at: not really sure School (if applicable): freshman in college Work (if applicable): Ponderosa steakhouse (i do everything there) I am on because: since my car broke i decided to try glowstringing again. My website/picutures are located: facebook Describe yourself: tallish skinny pale kid, i hate all jokes and im very antisocial. everything before the comma is true. What do you do for fun? anything that is entertaining. Random fact about yourself: i have a largeish nose. and when i get sick, i really hate that feature. What you did last weekend: well i was stranded at my house so i glowstringed all weekend. no joke. What you do when you go out: define out. i go to parties and out to dinner a lot. is that what was meant? Are you in a relationship? negatory Are you looking to be in a relationship? if its feels right