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  1. hey man,

    would you be interested in submitting some footage for the GSC Haunted Collab 3?


  2. yo uhmm message me when u get this either via pm or msn or aim

  3. What was his, is not yours anymore, because I overpower your actions
  4. Whats mine is not yours
  5. You find yourself hoping that every Fed Ex truck you see goes to your house to deliver your sticks
  6. Thank you for the links...sorry for not searching
  7. I'm not sure where to lean with this idea. Stringing is like anything else. Its a hobby, and I don't understand why this hobby is so protected. It's discouraged to string in public. But for what reason exactly. I have read the cultural topics, and they dont really explain it besides saying that people will just associate stringers to being drug addicts and ravers. My question is why do people think this. If no one is allowed to string in public, then why do people associate it with raves and drugs? I honestly dont think Stringing is done for popularity. Some people (including myself) just love to do it, and think its cool. (But whats wrong with thinking its cool) I enjoy stringing, and I dont do it for popularity. I do it because I want to. I've read topics that say..."people will just think....ohh thats soo cool, I want to try" But then what other reason would someone want to string? I dont mean popularity, I mean that when people see stringers for the first time, it may intrigue them, and it may make them interested. This is what I thought at least. And because I thought it was interesting, I decided to try it, and I have been stringing for about a week now, and I really enjoy it. I string only for enjoyment, not popularity. I'm not saying I think everyone should go out there and string in public, but why is it so discouraged?