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  1. my parents have the same stupid complaint about my bangs. i don't see what the big deal is about it :/

  2. *steals first comment* Heyy 8D

  3. D'aww, it's okay, my hair is thin too. But you still have an amazing haircut, 'specially your bangs >w<

  4. *steals your first comment* I see you're still pretty new here. Wanna be friends? :3

  5. you have some awesome hair <3

  6. Nyaha~ that was funny xD No you don't.

  7. pfft, I know my goggles are awesome sauce! and I miss you too >3<

  8.'re pretty :3

  9. heheh, nice profile picture. >w<

  10. Hello. :3 I love your headphones~

  11. Yeey we're friends now 8D

  12. Are you ever on MSN? I tried adding you, but you haven't been online at all.

  13. Aww, you don't have any comments yet. :< Would you like to be my friend? :3

  14. *tackleglomps in return* I haven't actually talked to you in two days now, I feel so lost D8 lol


  16. Aww, what happened? :<

  17. No, no big plans, just hoping to have a nice summer vacation. How about you?

  18. Not much, actually. Just ready for the school year to be over.

  19. Long time no talk. I love your Porygon, by the way :3

  20. It has been a loooong time since we talked. But, I just added you on AIM. I'll talk to you some time soon. :]

  21. Yeah, it's a Samsung stripe. omg We have the same phones no wai. It's a replacement phone because I dropped my Razor in the toilet. ;-;

  22. Id say I'm a healthy balance of both, but I'm a little more artistic I think.

  23. STUDY HALL! 8D No. not really. xD I like English a lot, but everything else is pretty annoying.

  24. I have Government Honors, Economics, English II Honors, Computers II, Geometry, SPanish III, and Earth Science