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  1. Wow, almost a year since anyone wrote here. WHAT'S UP?

  2. Hey Skills! Just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" for dropping AMAZING party at 1999. It was my first NorCal rave and it BLEW MY MIND. Can't wait for The Return of Tronic. Thanks for showing me what a real, good rave is.

  3. There are a ton of different ways.

  4. Aww, I am sorry. Please always remember that when things get rough, it makes you appreciate the good times even more.

  5. Oh, then that is fine.

  6. I am ok. I have a decent workload this week, trying to keep a level head and free myself up for the weekend. How have you been?

  7. Your comment made no sense.

  8. No, My dad left before I was born, and My mom and I moved to Cali!

  9. Yeah. Imagine the civil war occuring in 1990 in America. Welcome to post Apartheid SA.

  10. Damn, the choreography is packed for 30 seconds. Got an AIM to go over it?

  11. Especially since the Apartheid fell. If you are white, you better be protected.

  12. SA is a bitter sweet place. The area is beautiful, stunning. The buildings in some areas are jaw dropping, but the racial turmoil is still there, that's why my mom ran to America. I'd like to go back eventually, but we'll see. Hopefully things will look better politcally over there.

  13. Yeah, I moved here from South Africa and was only recently made a resident. It was a lot of raising myself while my mom cleaned houses to get me here. I know Cal Poly is the most bang for it's buck. I got accepted to UC SB, but turned it down because it wasn't hands on and cost a few thousand more to go to. But I know the value of the education. I'm not making my family live through th

  14. So, what's with the secret secret mission you want me to do?

  15. Yeah, first year in college, but I have a big agenda come December. I turn 18, which means I have to apply for my citizenship here for the US, have had a job since September, 17-22 units of class, Take out 14k in loans since my parents are only paying for the first quarter, Getting into an accelerated Master's program, switching majors, and Paying for TAO, not to mention staff work. DId I leav

  16. Cal Poly SLO. Guinto and Melvenorc will be going to school with me. I am excited, but I have a lot of stress come Decemeber.

  17. Class starts Sept 22nd, but I go in the 12th and move in an hang out up there.

  18. Not much. Still haven't started school yet, but I'm getting there. I am trying really hard to balance my life right now, so it's all good

  19. Ah, okay. If I had money I'd get ya lifetime status. How have u been? How have rehersals gone?

  20. Why aren't you a silver member no more?

  21. Retired it. Looking for a new avvie. None that I like so far. :/


    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  23. I'm attempting to learn java before my CS classes start up. And it's nice to have a specific comic for us geeks. But if you want hwholesome fun for everyone, look up sinfest.net.