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  1. Don't worry GSC

    Dont worry GSC, I still love you <3
  2. Rebirth of PLUR

    when in doubt, use cialis; maybe thats why frankie bones was offended? xP jk terrible yo hear he reacted like that though; maybe to Mr.Bones PLUR is simply dead... dead as disco? ;p
  3. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    AWWW!!!! SOOO CUUUUUTE!!!! congrats man!!
  4. freehanding could Definitely be incorporated into this!! Honestly I find this pretty entertaining, but I eagerly look forward to what freehanding (and possibly stringing) can lend to it all best places to start looking for all our freehanding stuff: As for stringing, if you think it could ever be incorporated, start with these: Also this link has most of our older videos (missing 2012-2013 footage): And lastly, in case you're interested at all about our culture, please check this out: Now if you'll excuse me, my interest in Wotagei is quite piqued now; Wikipedia FTW!! xD
  5. hey jerrod are you still active? lol I got an email from you guys the other day, asking if i was gonna order a large amount of ultras soon (the email even mentioned how I annually order large amounts from yall) and i thought it was one of the coolest things that a business has ever done (shows yall really care) Me and a handful of other members would be interested in pitching a few LED designs to yall if you think you guys could make 'em (that would be the coolest shit ever!!)
  6. What's Up Chicago (and suburbs)?

    yeah wes we'd love to see a new video from you =D <--(this is sparrow) doesn't have to be anything mind blowing, we'd just love to see a video from you again =P
  7. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    *sigh* it was only a matter of time before something like that happened We've seen it happen to freehanding with Myachi and you've all seen what happened to and let's not forget what they did to orbits And I'm very surprised digiting/gloving hasn't been exploited/marketed yet ^jump to 00:30, and prepare to rage^ *notice they even sneak in stringing at 00:45* **this is just one performance, the entire episode abused the art of gloving, and it payed NO homage whatsoever to the roots of the art, how it came to be, how it has evolved since the 90s, NOTHING** ***i hope you're happy with your little promo on MTV EmazingLights*** and if we really wanna dig for disasters, anyone remember DJ Hero? ^jump to 00:100 and look to the left^ If i had more time I'd pull up the video of when Armin van Buuren was doing his 'Armin Only' tours in '09 when he restricted glowsticks from being allowed, and then turned around and had a fire/glow team performing on stage to some, yeah that sounds great, until you realize you aren't getting to express yourself through art/dance, in fact, you've been reduced to nothing more than anonymous eye candy who's only up there to draw attention Back to the DJ and his ego, so you could literally stand up there and do a butterfly all night, no one would care, just as long as you're off the stage in the next five min. for the next performance group he's overbooked for the night *PvD & Tiesto are guilty of this too* so yeeaaah, the arts being sold out for people's personal gain is nothing new So we'll see if 'poi fitness' actually takes off or *hopefully* it will die by the end of the month the dude running the whole thing is nothing more than a run-of-the-mill fitness trainer who is claiming to have "invented poi fitness" even though he only started in 2002 (wtf?) after attending Burning Man with some friends and wanted to start doing it too He does classes in Key Largo, FL as well as the Trump hotel in Chicago, IL here's his YT account where he's posted pretty much everything he was selling on that show KimeraFitness YT and from the looks of it he's using poi as more of a gimmick to promote his workout programs here's his website KimeraFitness I like how everyone in the comments section is either railing against the blatant disrespect and bastardization of the art or they are critiquing Steve Harvey for his plane control xD But hey at least they aren't up there spinning glowsticks *suprisingly the druggie stereotype attached to glowsticking has probably kept that from happening* **yay!! druggie stereotypes FT-...FTW? xD** But I honestly wouldn't put it past the people at FlowToys to try and do something similar to this *probably on a different TV show though* Nonetheless I think everyone (battlers and non-battlers alike) can agree that shit like This is Not good for the arts but iono, maybe its just me xD
  8. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    I had a LOT of fun doing that for yall =D I wouldn't mind doing history lessons and/or discussions about our ethics/beliefs and how it all came to be in TC =P and if i can ever get TC to start cooperating with my cam I can start doing live teaching sessions on there too X(
  9. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    awesome adventure #2 candy mountain @ afterlife '08 event had somewhere between 1,000-3,000 people (rumours tho, was prolly only like +500) we handed out rainbow walls to everyone at midnight we cracked ultra rainbow walls and I did a duet with 3D to open up the dallas ultra circle it was a pretty remarkable night for the dallas rave scene (but even more-so for the DFW glow community) then had Dallas SWAT bust the event and started pointing guns at us!! shit was so intense, especially when the helicopter started circling overhead we all got a pretty good scare (and later a laugh) out of it xD
  10. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    yall need to film solos together next time yall chill!!!! =D
  11. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    last event i went to was supposed to be a two-day camping music festival, but in the last three hours before it opened the event got cancelled so we improvised and went camping at a national park and had our own campout / grillout meetup xD
  12. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    ahh its starting to feel like the good old days with all these familiar faces popping up =D oh yeah and 10+ years stringing xD
  13. Come back dave! :(

  14. basic huggy crossers took me two weeks to learn plus an additional week to get them clean There's alot of butterfly based stuff I still havent bothered learning xP and being able to do continuous air wraps took me years to finally understand hahaa went back and learned waist wraps last week and I'm just now going back to learn more pendulums and .5 swings but that's because when they were super popular I didn't want to look like everyone else anyone else choose NOT to learn a move because it was the popular move atm?