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  1. Don't worry GSC

    Dont worry GSC, I still love you <3
  2. Rebirth of PLUR

    when in doubt, use cialis; maybe thats why frankie bones was offended? xP jk terrible yo hear he reacted like that though; maybe to Mr.Bones PLUR is simply dead... dead as disco? ;p
  3. immediately loving the shotguns at the start (antispun shotguns?) for your flourishes, yes you have figured out a totally different variation xD is the weight making the sticks wobble when theyre tossed? and i LOOOOOVE the wrap combo at 02:12 awwwww where was that manip at t he end going? it looked veeerry interesting =P
  4. sry guys, life's thrown a major curveball at me just trying to pick up the pieces and move on... hopefully by Summer I might be able to get back to contributing to this =/
  5. super excited to see it xetmath, you got me waiting on the edge of my seat =P anyhoo, got a bit of goodness for ya'll this holiday weekend (it's a ten min. vid, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD!!! =04-20-13 stringing tech blog= -playing with elbow pins & knee pins (really enjoying my new inside elbow entrance to the catch, almost feels like a stall) -meteor/ropedart exploration *most of this was ricky & patrick inspired* (kicking stuff off the ground & string slide transition goodness) -more string slide transitions *trying to map out all the basic slides* (really having fun with these) -re exploring an old onehand manip *the extra stall off the shoulder gives it a little more oomph* (expanded on one of hewy's old concepts) -right back to string slide transitions (sorry, having way too much fun with em) -playing with xetmath's ki blasts & contact sliding a stick to the elbow *i know im doing the ki blasts too slow & catching the stick too much, but eh, im lazy* (I know we can start adopting contact slides like in c.poi, it will just be inherently different because of our prop choice) -handle tossing goodness *onehand stuff, similar to stuff from older blogs* (hard to really see, but I love how much these can be explored) -doubling down on your color-tumbling *still trying to figure out color-tumbling at the elbow & knee* (always make sure the string crosses back across the hand, and the stick will keep tumbling) -touching in and out of an inversion/straightjacket *i know poi has a precise name for this, I'm just unaware of it* (pushing this concept to make it more glowstick-y, not so poi-centric, I'm sure others can push this better than I can) -meteor tossing exploration *I'm just hesitant in my motions, but the ideas are there* (again alot of this is ricky and patrick inspired) -messing around with straightjackets and elbows *trying to figure out how to incorporate elbow stuff into straightjackets* (jellyface inspired, I wasn't nearly as successful) -catch-link vs. elbow pin manip. variations/catch-link vs. elbow pin > onehand entrance exploration (blink & inspired, always enjoyed his style/ the manips this inspired reminds me of a few manips from last month) -re exploring onehand sparrow stalls *I've been laying off of these for a while, nothing too new but they incorporate well with handle tossing* (I'm thinking of expirementing with sparrow claw vs. color shifting/tumbling/flourishing stuff)
  6. y'know it's funny, I was actually playing around with ki blasts again last week only to find out... I still can't do 'em x( lolol!! ------------------------------ May not be much but I've got some goodness for everyone this week CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD!!! =04-12-13 stringing tech blog= -elbow pin to handle toss onehand transition (starting to wonder what stringing with a wooden swivel would be like) -cleaning up and expanding on a manip from last week (the stick is supposed to slide, takes a few tries to get) -playing around with right angle stalls (needs to be cleaned up, but the upper angles are pretty fun) -crossover wrap mirror combo (took a bit to finally get down, but is really fun) -catch-link demo-inspired manip (no clue how he gets it to be so complex) -handle tossing & gumbie toss exploration (also includes an interesting little manip at the end) -onehand horizontal OTH & UTL wrap exploration (exploring more on older stuff from the blogs) ------------------------------ Karaoke (and anyone else interested) I went back and filmed a close-up of what I'm doing during flourishes CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD!! Now I forgot to include the text-planations in the video itself, so here's what I meant to put in =Closer Look - Colour Flourishes= -When wrapping up your hand, skip the index finger during the second wrap -with the tip of the stick pointing down, now slide the butt of the stick toward your ring and pinky finger (we will come back to this) -throw the stick counter clockwise (shotgun) and grab the stick, with the butt of the stick near youyr pinky (tip pointing up near the thumb) -Now slide the butt of the stick towards your thumb and index finger (tip of the stick now pointing up and away from the hand) -try to toss the stick behind your hand putting as much spin as you can on it (like a heli toss in freehanding) -the stick will automatically wrap up once it is done flourishing (just make sure to grab the stick) -to throw it the other direction, practice doing the same spinning toss with your pinky and ring finger -the trick to catching it is to barely drag your knuckles along the underside of the stick as it spins -try to let the stick glide over the rest of the knuckles making (if any) contact on your index finger's knuckle -If you have ever seen pen spinning, or pin juggling, this will make more sense -hope this helps! =D ------------------------------
  7. bukklee how goes your progress on flourishes? I saw that you said that you've got them down now, but I've noticed i have problems doing them in a buzzsaw plane but I can do them in a fountain & front plane no problem xS was curious if you are having any better luck with the changed planes than I am anyways, here is this week's tech blog CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD!!! =04-05-13 stringing tech blog= -thumbsplit manip vs. ginseng's color passing & a color tumble *bukklee & commando inspired* (I especially like doing the color tumble on the bottom stick at the end) -west coast/yoyo inspired combo expanded *commando & xetmath inspired* (still tweaking this stuff, plus I liked how Brandon went OTH with it recently in a vid) -bicep wrapping a catch link into an orbital *commando doing wraps off of exiting orbitals inspired* (someone has to have figured this out before me, i'm sure of it, Brandon just caused me to play with this) -catch link stalled out catches *bukklee inspired* (again, someone probably figured this out way before me, looking at you bukklee!) -3-petal antispin vs. low wave cateye thingie *noel & drex inspired* (eventually can be done as a weave) -butterfly double knee catch vs. korean yoyo threading leading to a toss *buu & ducky inspired* (tweaked this to be wrapped on both sides, makes it a bit more secure & more likely to be a catchable toss) -playing with OTH pendulum wraps *karaoke inspired* (butterfly style, saw karaoke do something like this a while back) -handle tossing onehand exploration *noel & drex inspired* (would probably look better with actual pendulum/handle poi) -ropedart/meteor ground work exploration *ricky inspired* (not me getting on the ground, but just playing with kickstarting sticks from the ground)
  8. Getting this one in early cuz I'll be busy all Weekend... Here's hoping the Easter Bunny gets ya'll something dope this year!! =D CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD!! =03-28-13 stringing tech blog= -elbow catch vs color-shifting -back of the hand manip thingie (greens2dust inspired) -knee catch vs color shifting -thumb-split stick levitatioon manip -bushido/bowtie lockout orbit manip -'Spiral-catch & the orbitals three" manipulation/combo? -vertically mirroring a onehand butterfly combo -ropedart exploration & handle tossiing stuff -elbow pin superman fountain (saw erich do this so i wanted to try it; also was able to do xetmath's three-point variation with it too) -true elbow pin superman fountain (kicked it up one more notch and made it a true elbow pin superman fountain) -handle tossing meets elbow pins (i've seen noel and a few other poi peeps do this, but finally learned it for myself) -mouth pin thingie? (does it even count as a manip? xD) -mouthpin butterfly bounce wraps & mouthpin crossover wraps -elbow pins, knee piins & foot pins
  9. Where are all the old school peeps at?

    Hunter, I'm in the h-e-b area on the east side of ft. Worth if you ever wanted to chill hahaa
  10. Where are all the old school peeps at?

    Wow! Good to see you post again RG! Misty says hi BTW :3
  11. Got a short but sweet one for yall!! Did good on making sure it has a bit of everything: poi, wraps, manips. etc. CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD!!! =03-20-13 stringing tech blog= -sparrow claw manip. *barber pole variation* (looked cool in my head when thinking about it, looked even cooler after I filmed it xD) -body pin & joint pin exploration (knees & elbows anyone? What about handle tossing to mouthpins or neckpins? maybe next week) -onehand meteor threading entrance & stuff (shown this before, but its cleaner now) -meteor threading vs. string-pinning exploration (showed this last week, progress is slow, but still seems like there's alot that can be done with this) -back to body pin & joint pin exploration (small variations on earlier combos in the vid) -four-petal box-antispin OTH plane-bending? (fucked up and forgot to add a crossfade xS, but aside from that, these feel fucking awesome to do)
  12. sorry for the lack of updates, had more partying planned for spring break than I thought xD ------------------------- CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD!! =03-08-13 stringing tech blog= -handle tossing manips & wrapping (melvenorc & ricky inspired) *this is all new to me even tho Brian explored this stuff yeeeaers ago* -odd four petal butterfly thingie (try to keep your hands relatively together) *one hand always stays either behind the body or behind the head* -duo-wrap variation (blink & glitch inspired) *duowraps have never really been my thing, may be better for other stringers* -color-tumbling & tipping manips. (greens2dust inspired) *alot of footage here, sorry* ------------------------- CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD!! =03-14-13 stringing tech blog= -onehand meteor threading entrance & single bowtie vs. mouth pin manip. *I had some meteor footage but none of it was worth including* -catch link manip variation (glitch & jellyface inspired) *This one felt really cool to do, seems like it has tons of room for growth* -elbow pin catch manip variation (glitch inspired) *reminds me of something spade does* -shrinking catch-link variation manip. *it can keep going on forever* -threaded catches & phasers manip. variation *i really like this one, can prolly be done in other ways also* -color-tumbling, color-shifting, & tipping manips. *looooots of footage for this stuff, sorry* -meteor threading vs. string-pinning *extremely odd but seems like it has room for growth* ------------------------- Hope everyone's having a fun & safe spring break!!
  13. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    AWWW!!!! SOOO CUUUUUTE!!!! congrats man!!
  14. fuck yes! i was hoping you were gonna post this vid =D you do soooo much cool shit in this one plus i love the camera angle change at the end xD