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  1. yeah we're gonna do the loan thing later >< lol like monday...

  2. maybe but i thought it was kinda funny that my prom is where im going to college next year =] im excited! i got a dorm for sure. i get to pick a room mate/room the 2 weeks b4 edc... oh and im watching happy feet right now =] yay! PENGUINS!! ohhh and did i tell u, vicodin didnt work for my wisdom teeth so i might get something stronger for my tonsils! im gonna be feeling goooood

  3. IM SO CONFUSED!!! ><

  4. haha oink flu makes me laugh

    and no i just have a fever and a sore throat. =P but idk if its gonna mess with getting my tonsils out on the 7th...

    and prom is in long beach somewhere.. i thought the aquarium but ig uess not... somewhere near there.. we're staying on the queen marry (family and i) they are chapperones...

  5. i so sad =( im sick and prom is saturday

  6. not much ive been busy with the fashion show and now college. my ex best friend asked me to make a dress for her so i said that i would if she paid me.

  7. why arent you on aim?

  8. noooope you read wrong >< Larky, my boyfriend, played tenors. I played trumpet, french horn, and was head drum major.

  9. ill try and answer your questions but im not truly educated in slr's... lol but i will say one thing... ITS SO HARD TO TAKE PICS OF YOU!!!! haha you move around like CRAZY!

  10. haha thank you =] i have 65 of them <3

  11. IM SORRY!! =( i realized that as soon as larky and i left the meet... next time i promise ill do better =] we never got a group picture either and i wish we coulda stayed to meet everyone else that came later... next time for sure. i promise <3

  12. whats the thing at ucsd?

  13. youre mean >< rawr. to make up for your mean-ness you should drive down here and go shopping with me =] yeah? sound good?

  14. helllloooo =] i finally became part of the cult too lol are you going to roscoes?