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    i pretty much like most of the main & subsidiary genres, trance to happy hardcore & a lil of everything in between. I love taking photos while at shows, especially without the flash...awesome trails it catches!!

    I also absolutely love glowstringing & freehand. glowstringing is my primary love tho. I am really oldskool with my stringin tho, poi with few or little wraps, been glowstringing for 8 years now :0)

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  1. So who has a thousand things to do b4 tonight's show. This girl does

  2. Moving 4ward Music & Entertainment/ Kikwear and NOWO presents Trick or Beats Halloween party Broadcasting the Main Stage (Link tba before the show on the event page) DJ FIXX Tampa Fl Breakbeats (illeven eleven/Zone/Rat/Juice) Over the past 15 years, breakbeat pioneer DJ Fixx has been stocking the shelves of record stores everywhere. Said by many as one of the most innovative and consistent producers in the industry, he continues to deliver some of the most sought after breakbeat tracks available. Making his debut in 1998, Fixx produced over 75 anthems on the classic Kaleidoscope Music label. Many of these timeless tracks are still played frequently today. This was then followed by Fixx's own personal imprint, Bottom-End Records (2004-2008). Managed by Afterdark, the BER trademark produced some of the biggest anthems in the industry, easily claiming the spot of one of the top five best-selling domestic labels in the country. Alongside of Keith MacKenzie, Fixx is currently a leading producer for Keith's illeven:eleven label. Frequent solo installments can be found on ILL, as well as collaborations with Keith under the production duo 'KMFX'. With over 150 12-inch releases, over 200 exclusive digital releases, and eight massively-distributed CDs under his belt, Fixx has assembled one impressive Discography. All of this resulting in one of the strongest and most loyal followings in the industry. ::MAINSTAGE:: ++++ SWAY ++++ ++++ SYNEATER ++++ ++++ 2 DEF DJ'S ( JOHNNY KAOTIC VS ONYX) ++++ BALOO +++++ ++++ FIXX +++++ ++++ EMT STEPZ ++++ ::DOWNSTAIRS:: ++++ EEEZ ++++ ++++ TRIX ++++ ++++ PANDABINAH ++++ ++++ HLS +++++ ++++ IOUNA ++++ ++++ KOSMONAUTS ++++ ***KIKWEAR GIVEAWAYS & OTHER FREE KIKWEAR GOODIES ***COSTUME CONTEST ***FIRST 25 PEOPLE IN GET NOWO/MOVING4WARD MUSIC BRACELET(receive future discounts) ***FIRST 25 PEOPLE IN GET A FREE DJ SWAY CD ***FIRST 50 PEOPLE IN GET A FREE JOHNNY KAOTIC CD ***FREE DJ IOUNA CDS TO GIVE AWAY ::LOCATION:: Braddock Elks Lodge 424 Library St Braddock, Pennsylvania 15104 (10 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh) 17 + to party 21 + to drink 8pm to 3am $15 pre sale tickets at $20 night of show before 12am IF YOU'RE DRESSED IN A COSTUME OR HAVE A NOWO VIP BRACELET YOU GET $5 OFF Bring Good Vibes , Your Dancing shoes, all your friends Don't bring Drugs, Weapons, Bad Vibes or alcohol I ALSO NEED 3 OR 4 PEOPLE TO HELP ME CLEAN UP AFTER YOU'LL GET 2 FREE TICKETS TO THE NEXT SHOW FOR DOING SO. THANKS
  3. What do you want for Christmas?

  4. Ok if you were wondering if Hardcore Pawn is scripted YES IT IS!!...they shot the same scene a couple of times & you had to sign a release form if they even caught a glimpse of you...big place tho with interesting stuff a lot is junk...this was an interesting experience

  5. This is from the news paper in Sandusky...7:43pm(Wednesday): woman woke man holding burning cigarette, he yelled at her. LOL!!! Apparently this is big news!!!

  6. Going to Detroit tonight thru the weekend for a Happy hardcore party that is a Zombie based theme....should be fun as fuck!!! Yeaaaahhhh

  7. components to create a harlem shake video....1. masked person dances first 2. someone humping a wall 3. someone upside down 4. also someone must be almost naked....anything else??

  8. fuck this soon-to-be migraine