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  1. Where did you run off to, kid?

  2. Thanks. It's a lot of hard work. Let me know if you need anything

  3. Baller. Have fun with that.

  4. I worked hard at it, tried helping, and was nominated. We shall see what happens.

  5. Holy shit, how did you manage to become GSC Staff while I was gone?

  6. Yo dude, just wanted to pop in to say I'm really impressed with your hybrid transitions. I've been checking out a past collab vid and damn, I'm glad to see people who have it figured out :)

  7. Hey man I haven't seen you on very much, how is the sticking going? (Disregard the super-passionate ravers\stickers regarding performances.)

    Would love to see you post more man. rock on!

  8. Heh, thanks man, a note on spelling - I had a really bad cold when I wrote that

  9. Nothing unhealthy about a couple of creepy ducks every once in a while.

  10. Your new avatar is creepy and kind of scares I will be avoiding your posts like the plague LoL

  11. I'm glad to see you're showing constructive interest. I'm sure you can already tell the community here is pretty friendly.

    I hope you stick around :)

  12. So, a freehander then, are we? Try swinging them around maybe? :)

  13. I read your comment on hardcorehand8's video.

    Right on, man. You seem to know exactly what you are doing.

    The ability to deconstruct and analyze the essence of things is pretty rare.

  14. Thanks, Ive been fortunate to meet a lot of people who have helped me a lot. Theirs a new collab coming out next month. Everyone can join in. More info on it will be posted shortly. :)

  15. Dude, that video of you in the collab was SICK! I wish I could meet all those crazy stringers. Actually I wish I could meet any stringers. In any case that video is pretty incredible and made my perma-favorite list, just thought to let you know.