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  1. Summer trip across the globe, hello Korea, hello Japan

  2. Lets check out Next Level 9 feat. Donkey Rollers, DJ Zany, MC Dv8, Ryle, and Darksiderz

  3. How to do the Melbourne Shuffle

    My names the same, Gordojum. and no I havent seen Nate's vids.
  4. How to do the Melbourne Shuffle

    maybe sticky this?
  5. These vids, are all done by BigMilan so thank him lol. Shuffle Basics Running Man Basics Kick Basics Switching Basics Spin Basics Shuffling Backwards Moonwalk Basics Other places you should go: http://www.melbshuffle.com http://www.wedancehard.com Be sure to check out hand movements too. No really good tutes for that just mostly point in random directions and experiment with it to the beat. Both are good sites to check out the Melbourne Shuffle and other types of dance like the c-walk. I also know a lot of people want to know where they can buy shuffle phat pants (phaties) you should probably make them yourself because it is soooo much cheaper, but other wise the best place to buy them would be Heatwave: http://heatwaveonline.multiply.com/ Have fun
  6. Dance Roll Call

    Real name: Joel Type(s) of dancing: Melbourne Shuffle How long you have been dancing: About 2 years Where you are from: WA, USA How you learned: Well, my friend told me to check out some vids on youtube and i got hooked and watched a shitload of tutorials. How you recommend beginners learn: hmm. searching BigMilan on youtube or going to wedancehard.com would be the easiest way gl
  7. Hey, welcome to the WA thread!