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  1. Okay this is super late but thanks for your post on my profile wall. You guys are awesome too, my friends thought you guys were pretty cool as well. I just wished they allowed glowsticks so we could have cracked!

  2. Possibly, I'm not sure if I could get it in on time though. My friend would have to film me and he's like 3 hours away.

  3. Robbie Rivera, ATB, and Ferry Corsten this Saturday!!!!

  4. not bad man, yourself? you have some sick stringing skills dude.

  5. going to Tom Petty tomorrow should be a wild time

  6. sitting in my basement about to fall asleep.

  7. KEEP STRINGING!!! So I have someone to meet up with this summer!

  8. FreakDeke, you are AWESOME!

  9. Dude, your from Milwaukee? Haha, I am from Appleton, and I am currently in GB at the time for college. Do you live near UWM campus? We should have a meet up this summer.

  10. Hey we have the same birthday! 19 woo.

  11. When all the peroxide stains on your body gives you cancer.
  12. When you use your strings to satisfy your sexual desires. !!!
  13. You know your a stringer when you ALWAYS practice when your bored.