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  1. Yo duuuuuuuuuude "Wooo. Yeah! woooooo!" haha

  2. Just followed the link to your fan page - hot stuff : )

  3. He's posted one of the vids on his youtube page.
  4. I'm always here, hoping for a bit of company
  5. Yeah I've been getting lonely.
  6. These are awesome points and I definitely agree. I think freehanding is all about the movement. In fact, it feels AMAZING when you move about and expend energy (even better when your technique is slick). Really looking forward to the videos and glad you're posting again duuuuuuuuuuuuuude.
  7. Guess who's an idiot?.....meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I cracked open a yellow tonight and compared to a yellow high intensity i get here in the uk. The one from extreme glow was brighter and lasted longer. I am so sorry. It must be because I was in my flat and I didn't seem as bright. Plus I haven't cracked glow sticks in over a month because I've injured my lower back a litte. Sowwwwwwwwyyyyyyyy
  8. I've opened up the box and there are 2 black bags. Both bags say 6" GL ultras (5 min). On the back of the bags is says OmniGLOW. I've tried all the colours and they are exactly what I asked for. Recently I got some high intensity ones from a uk supplier, and they were twice as bright at these. They only came in yellow and orange, though, and still didn't look as good as what I see on most youtube videos.
  9. I just bought a pack of 60 assorted GL ultras and they are total pants. No brigther, possibly dimmer than the 12 hour ones I normally get. I paid $50 dollars shipping to get them to the uk, waited 3 weeks, and now I'm totally gutted. Can anyone tell me what the absolute best sticks are. p.s I am not criticising extreme glow - they just sell the products. Their service was great.
  10. Good luck making your vid man : )

  11. You should post a clip of your own. As soon as I started making my own clips and watching myself, I improved at an accelerated rate. The few comments that I got from others also helped to guide me.
  12. Hey, That's a good thought and I do try that. It's just in my head, once I kind of lose the beat a bit - but also, sometimes you think you're in time, but when you record and watch yourself, you look totally off beat.
  13. When I watch clips of myself, I feel I am slowly learning to moderate my pace in time with the music and for good effect. The only way that I can do this, is by watching my clips and observing myself and then remembering in my head to say "regulate tempo". But I just wonder, do any you dudes have a particular technique better than mine?
  14. Just steal some moves - and then adapt them to your styles and use them as the basis for your own ideas.. Slow down youtube clips etc.
  15. I tell you what helped me the most - go slow. This rule doesn't apply to sex.