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    Competitive Gaming (Team Alpha Q), Dancing (Glowsticking, Locking), Airsofting (Team Alpha Q) WaiDai = m16 spr socal, MMA (Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu)

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    watched many Cleric , Wes , and glowstickingcom videos on youtube.
  1. hah yea.. it helps with glowsticking ALOT

  2. you spin riffles? sweet.

  3. lol yeah my sig is funny

  4. when u stare at your computer thinking "hey i can use those l.e.d's". when you get excited after watching a glowsticking compiliation and run outside at night with dead glowsticks then it takes u a FEW hits to the groin to relize maybe lighting is neccesary. when you spin and get fustrated becuase it felt like you were trying for an hr but it was only 5 minuts when after those 5 minutes and you think its an hour, you spin extra fast then hit yourself in the groin doing a very fast butterfly. when your spinning sumthing on strings next to someone and dont think about how many times you probrably hit them when your posting a reply on a forum topic on called "you know you're a stringer when..."
  5. my name is Nathaniel! =D!

  6. lmfao at lightshow and amazed guy xP!

  7. Name: Jesse K Age: 18 Gender: Male Location: Long Beach California usa Interests: obviously glowsticking =D Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Survivor Gabon? Musical Interest: Break Beat Goal in the next 5 years: Manipulation Skills as great as Cleric or near... freehand transition as good as Wes? Goal in the next 20 years: get my doctorate >_>? What turns you on about the opposite sex: i wont lie.... im a boob guy If i had a million dollars I would: buy some stock I am good at: GAMING! School (if applicable): Long Beach City College Work (if applicable): none.... I am on because: i want to find glow stickers that are near me to meet up and learn some new stuff. My website/pictures are located: on my myspace Describe yourself: Aggressive (what guy isnt?), Dorky, Thrill Seaker What do you do for fun? Practice Stringing, basketball and gaming Random fact about yourself: I am part Thai Chinese Viet Khmer and Laos What you did last weekend: Bar B Q What yo do when you go out: Bowling usually Are you in a relationship? Yes so dont try to catch my eye with low cut shirts T_T Are you looking to be in a relationship? ive been in one for nearly 4 years.