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  1. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Gratzz!!!!!!! oh btw. hi xD
  2. Cause all the people on their are a negative influence, its all a bunch of people my age wasting their life to drugss and sex and parties and it tempts me to do that shit even tho I know ill throw my life away if i do. I have so many opportunities right meow
  3. Name: Brenden Collins AKA Jin Smylez Age: 19 Gender: male Location: Kent, WA (like 20-30 minutes south of Seattle) Interests: Music, Stancenation (yea its fuckin gay but whatever), art, photography, instagram for some reason... spirituality, physics, psychology, astronomy, astrology Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: DMT: The Spirit Molecule Musical Interest: dubstep psytrance/goa trance drum and bass deep house anything downtempo and anything dirty with bass. this is my new fave song right now. Goal in the next 5 years: have a nice place to live maybe a little condo or something and a new car Goal in the next 20 years: Buy house get married. Party like a rockstar What turns you on about the opposite sex: eyes lips booty SKINNNN laugh touch smell ummmmm EVERYTHING lol If i had a million dollars I would: buy that house and car and fill my house with furniture and food and pay it all off and then put most of it in the bank and then party with like 20 grand for a little while and keep workin my same job I am good at: Everything I set my mind to become good at. Activate Self. School (if applicable):Drop out. Work (if applicable):Ex Bering Sea Fisherman aboard the F/V Bristol Leader, Currently Technical Support for Providence hospitals. I am on glowsticking.com because: I still dance alot, and have alot of concepts that relate to glowsticking My website/picutures are located: Instagram Describe yourself: Piscean psychonautic spiritualistic mexican irish german tattood quiet i can figure people out easily and people think im super native but im like 1/16th or something lol What do you do for fun? drive, dance, grow, puff, herbalist Random fact about yourself: I literally have 2chainz What you did last weekend: Nothin, just relaxed and ate food. What yo do when you go out: Go to the store to pick up supplies for projects, get food, go to friends houses and discuss cultures cause i hate people Are you in a relationship? i wouldnt call it that YETTT Are you looking to be in a relationship?absooooolutely :DDDD
  4. Hey man just wanted to say thanks for the finger iso through thread idea. Very sick looking and very helpful man. +1000 points!

  5. Right nowwwwww son! Gotta get back into this glowstickin thing
  6. Duuuuuude I never check my profile comments lol.

    Meetup yes, Inly active people? yes. >.>

  7. We need to get a meet up planned sometime soon. I really feel that its just us that are the only active people in WA. =/

  8. Your slacking@!!@Q!@ Not really but are you going to Pirates4? There isnt an event thing posted.

  9. How many days in a row can you post?

    ryan you restart, its a new year. kthnxbai
  10. lol at your member title.

    You dont make gsc look bad...

    Just dick prick-ish

    LOL :P:P:P:P