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  1. Name: Brandon or B Age: 17 soon to be 18 Gender: guy Location: texas Interests: martial arts, music, art, games, and now the whole "rave scene" this is my newest interest so im just starting to learn how to do some of the stuff Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: i like the inheritance trillogy (eragon and eldest the thirds being written) Musical Interest: i like just about every kind of music except the winy country people who only sing about how their girl left em, but sometimes thos are ok too Goal in the next 5 years: a basic look is graduate this year and get to college and graduate there with art major Goal in the next 20 years: too far ahead to think What turns you on about the opposite sex: being beautiful without looking like a scank If i had a million dollars I would: pay off any family debts anduse the rest to gt more=) I am good at: drawing (or so ive been told) and helping people School (if applicable): im gonna be a sienor this year Work (if applicable): lookin, right now its just odd jobs I am on glowsticking.com because: i was looking for some place to help me understand how to do the crazy dances that ive seen people do and this is the only one that acctually made it understandable and in alot of the other forums ive looked at if someone asks for help they got the craped kicked out of em verbally for just asking and this one didnt strike me as that kind My website/picutures are located: the only web sit i got right now is on myspace ( www.myspace.com/the_darkest_light ) or to see some of the doodles ive done you can go to www.pjproductions.net and click on brandons drawings Describe yourself: im 5' 11'', blond hair, blue eyes, muscular build, anything else just ask me What do you do for fun? i just chill with my friends most of the time, we are rarely bored togeather because we do everything from street racing to just house parties to going to construction sites after dark and playin in the rafters, just what ever comes to mind we can make fun Random fact about yourself: my room is decorated with battle grade weapons ( what can i sat i like blades) What you did last weekend: woke up friday went to a b-day party woke up sat. went to a waterpark for a few hours went to a friends house to party for a while went home woke up sun. got a call from another friend and went to the beach as kinna a spur the moment thing and went camping on the beach till tues What yo do when you go out: anything that comes to mind anyone who has a problem with what im doing can stick it somewhere Are you in a relationship? nah im single Are you looking to be in a relationship? yes and no im just kinna waitin ya know? anyways yeah other then that stuff i am a prety easy going dude i get along with most people, i dont like people who pick on younger or smaller people just because they can, thats mostly because i have 7 younger siblings and ive grown up in that whole older brother protective mode thing ya know? so ive just kinna addapted to being an overall protector of anyone who cant fight for themselfs and doesnt diserve the beating they are gettin, i also dont like people with attitude problems, you know the people who look down on people who are doing something they think looks stupid or anything like that, if that person doing it is having fun then let em do what they do its their life, other then that we should be cool if we get to talin, another thing is i am from texas so i do use the goofy words like yall and fixinto and all that crap thats just what we grew up with so if i say somethin yall dont get leme know and ill rephrase it k hope to get to know you all Brandon