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  1. i think of you every night and day

  2. oooh meet up ?

    that would be cool!

  3. no, i normally dont but, i guess i'll go on today, and say on till late night

  4. good to know there are members that live near by,

    so i was told to add you

    hope to be able to meet up one day

    at a rave or something lol

  5. damn, sounds cool

    sounds like something i should think about


  6. i was really glad to see

    there were members that live near by

  7. in a relationship! soo happy!

  8. i love my comic idea

  9. I'm hoping for things to better them selfs, hoping for my best future.

  10. i'm glad


    we must start a tread hehe

  11. happy to be off, cousins are down from up north ^-^

  12. yeah they get easy

    i'm guessing you understand them now?

  13. got rid of stupid vista and now am using awesome linux!!!

  14. loong time no see, life really had some crazy things happen, but its okay,.

  15. hey thanks, i was wondering how to do that ^.^

  16. oh wait I see coral springs... nice that's where my mother stays at. I'll most likely be staying with her. I hope.

  17. i like oh u got snake in a box and with a rainbow

  18. hahah nice... when i get back to FL ill hopefully go to a rave

  19. hahahahahah

    damn nice comment it really got me thinkin'... so whats up???

  20. lmao i saw ur PS lol thanx i try ^.^ ur coolieo