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  1. Name:Savage Age:17 Gender: Female Location: Waterford CA Interests: Raving, mycology, art Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Holly Black, ShroomTalk Magazine, Family Guy Musical Interest: Electronic! woot! lol Goal in the next 5 years: Go to college Goal in the next 20 years: open a my own pet store What turns you on about the opposite sex: protectiveness . . .mmmm lol If i had a million dollars I would: Start my own pet store I am good at: alot . . . School (if applicable): high school Work (if applicable): former kennel assistant I am on because: I wanna learn . . . My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: I have no idea . . .lol What do you do for fun? Everything I can Random fact about yourself:I believe in faeries . . . What you did last weekend: raved yo lol What yo do when you go out: anything that pops into my head Are you in a relationship? possibly . . . Are you looking to be in a relationship? of course . . .