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  1. O.K D86

    You can Get Your passaport

    on TJ @ the Embassy of U.S

    and i Get my passaport on 1 one week on the Embassy of u.s, Here on Tijuana :)

    & i just whant to do

    a Meetup

    but im not sure

    to do the meetup

    on Tj or San diego

    What you think?

    You can Help me :o?

  2. este de abajo

    es bn celoso

    &me a croma siempre:)

    &&se cre xqe es L'C :A




  3. si wei pero ahoritha

    no me puedo conectar :S

    nose xqe

    pero ya te agregue al myspace wei:)

  4. simon wei :)

    xqe nos conoces oqe pedo :P?

  5. ok.

    i chose talk

    in english:)

    is better :P

    im try to going

    to Irvin Meetup:)

    & when you come to tijuana mexico :o?

    or what are thing about

    to do a san diego meetup:)??

  6. you understand spanish or you chose

    english :o?

    Don.D86 :P

  7. haha:)

    nothing i just want

    to now where is

    the next meetup

    in L.A?