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  1. O.K D86

    You can Get Your passaport

    on TJ @ the Embassy of U.S

    and i Get my passaport on 1 one week on the Embassy of u.s, Here on Tijuana :)

    & i just whant to do

    a Meetup

    but im not sure

    to do the meetup

    on Tj or San diego

    What you think?

    You can Help me :o?

  2. este de abajo

    es bn celoso

    &me a croma siempre:)

    &&se cre xqe es L'C :A




  3. El Paco es puto :)

  4. I might come to tijuan in may or june. Im gonna buy a passport to. But yeah, if you can make the irvine meetup in June that would be awesome. That will be like 50 to 70 people plus. :)

  5. si wei pero ahoritha

    no me puedo conectar :S

    nose xqe

    pero ya te agregue al myspace wei:)

  6. nomas los ee escuchado tyenes msn?

  7. simon wei :)

    xqe nos conoces oqe pedo :P?

  8. ewee eres de los transformes?

  9. ok.

    i chose talk

    in english:)

    is better :P

    im try to going

    to Irvin Meetup:)

    & when you come to tijuana mexico :o?

    or what are thing about

    to do a san diego meetup:)??

  10. I understand both Spanish and English but everything in English is so much easier for me to write in. I understand the Spanish but its harder to write it.

  11. West covina is sort of by diamond bar and cal poly in Los Angeles.

  12. The next meetup will be In west covina at Jaimisons house. It will be chill. Probably around 15 or so people. Then after wards everyone will head probably to a party. That will happen May 23 rd I believe.

  13. you understand spanish or you chose

    english :o?

    Don.D86 :P

  14. haha:)

    nothing i just want

    to now where is

    the next meetup

    in L.A?

  15. Que pasa Don Paco? ;o)