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  1. Gloves Technique Tutorials

    o,0 if ur buying from nitelifedesigns use the code 00043 [lmao im a rep there] kk anywhere.. so ive only been to like one rave type thing.. is there like.. a lightshow section or where does this stuff usually go down lmao?
  2. Name: John Age: 15 Gender: M Location: AZ Interests: Gaming[WAR is here! =P], Swim[3rd place in state!(1st,2nd,and 3rd were all 1 point away =P)], Glowsticking[Freehand, looking to learn handles soon], Hanging out with friends, Golf, and other stuff Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Any Dragonlance/N/A/Cheers Musical Interest:Techno/Rave/Trance/etc[stuff along those lines] Goal in the next 5 years: College, not a newb at glowsticking Goal in the next 20 years: life[so job/marriage?/house etc] and beast a glowsticking =P What turns you on about the opposite sex: physical: face/hair nice body personality: hard to describe haha If i had a million dollars I would: Buy alot of glowsticks? make an uber rave house? haha idk. have a million dollars? I am good at: video games, swimming, ok at golf, and meh at glowsticking School (if applicable): 10th grade Work (if applicable): N/A I am on glowsticking.com because: looking to improve my glowsticking plus get to know the people here My website/picutures are located: myspace.com/burl3yb0y Describe yourself: See above questions I guess lol What do you do for fun? See intrests Random fact about yourself: I'm ambidextrous What you did last weekend: well its sunday night so ill just say both. last weekend... i think i had mask rave tres.. this weekend/almost last weekend swim state finals What yo do when you go out: Depends who im with but usually i go out for food or movies or to hang out Are you in a relationship? nope Are you looking to be in a relationship? i guess. only with 1 person though if i do.