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  1. Name: Anton, but a friend of mine has called me Mr Atomizer couple of times and I loved it! Age: 22 Gender: Male Location: Montreal, Canada Interests: Raves, Computers, nice looking movies (like Transformers, Matrix and such) Goal in the next 5 years: Live my life the way I like it! Goal in the next 20 years: Not different from the one above What turns you on about the opposite sex: Eyes and the body that is pleasant to touch (I am a touch person myself) If i had a million dollars I would: pay my depts =)) and have some fun. Finish school and get a decent job. I am good at: PCs, and I hope glowsticking. School (if applicable): Concordia University Work (if applicable): Ingrix Inc. System Admin I am on because: I would like to get in contact with people inloved with glowsticks the way I am. Describe yourself: I am a person that does not like convention ways of everything starting with speach (Hi! How are YoU!!!!! arent you sick of this how are u?) ending with work ( Its MS way or no way! get lost, Linux rulez!) What do you do for fun? Movies, glowsticking at home and at partys. Random fact about yourself: I am from the center of Ukraine . What you did last weekend: Went out for BBQ to Pawdon place with my family and did some shopping around. Ohh!! EXAMS!!! 9pm-1am 3 Liters of COFFEEEE and brain overload. What yo do when you go out: Depends where I go out. Are you in a relationship? Yes! Married! Are you looking to be in a relationship? mmm I am looking to stay where I am for a loong time.