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  1. ^No way, experiment and try new things
  2. Fresno?

    Then turned into a charizard. No one has enough badges to train him
  3. Fresno?

    No idea who R3DLIN3 is.
  4. Wow it has been a fucking while....

  5. EDC Las Vegas 2016?!!?!?

    I think Zin is going
  6. THiS iS WHYY

    I'm in this video <3
  7. Your name is super familiar man. I just don't think we've ever met. Glad to see you back on.
  8. Sunset music festival? Imagine?

    Not sure, I'll be in California when SMF is happening. Lineup is meh to me this year.
  9. Back into glowstringing after....4 years?

    That's why I stopped going in TC. More people went in when you could see if it was active. Hope you're doing well! Nice to see you back on!
  10. Are We Elitist?

    Hahaha! More of a agree as well as disagree, it goes both ways. Apparently it never showed you replied, whoops.
  11. Lighting is terrible. Do this with a brighter light, so someone can help give advice and critique.
  12. How many days in a row can you post?

    Sean! asuh dude
  13. Are We Elitist?

    I'll just be outright honest and say this isn't like how it was years ago, as most people saw. We do have people signed on and registered that battle, participate in competitions, etc etc. They just don't bring it here, and from what i've seen via facebook, they don't get dramatic about it, any ego's or anything else. Most of the people learning flow arts and things today aren't really in high-school, compared to how it was years ago. Everyone's different, but just the flow scene in general I feel has boomed, while I feel glowsticking itself has diminished. Xyphox, I disagree, photon's linked story, as well as playing a "What if" situation can always apply. Yes, people have egos. People get butthurt, arguments and shit start, could escalate. This is rare, but it CAN happen. I do agree, most people think it's awesome, but like lets say you have a group of like 20 competitive people trying to go against eachother to see whos best for ego reasons, and one out of the 20 gets butthurt, a million things could happen. As far as a talent show scenario, I don't see anything bad coming out of it either. I could go on more about this, but I'd rather discuss that in a PM. Let's not even apply that to glowsticking or flow arts, but anything in your everyday life. Like a job for example, you do better than everyone else, get promoted, other workers get jelly / butthurt, and shit can get crazy. Dude I can throw scenarios at you all day, but in the end, it really depends on who you're around. I'm at the point as in I don't care what happens, just don't bring drama into it. Don't let egos get the best of you, and work together.
  14. GSC is not dead

    that would be awesome!