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  1. Just did an hour session in my garage. I forgot how many times you can drop a stick trying to do combos when you haven't practiced in awhile
  2. Footstalls

    Do you mean practice by dragging it alongside? as in not actually trying to stall, but just get the timing?
  3. So I've been trying to get these down for awhile and I still can't seem to grasp how to keep the stick from bouncing off of my shoe or ankle. Has anyone found any tips or tricks to getting them down?
  4. Texas Member Contact Thread

    My cell number has changed to 903-343-9710
  5. Working on stalls and the different ways to get into/out of them
  6. Just picked up sticks again for the first time in months, missed the feeling, but it's back to getting things flowing again for me
  7. 2 Days and I'll be set to send you everything, sorry about the wait

  8. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Ph0ton my phone changed, its now 903 288 2444
  9. CHIDORI!!!!


  10. Texas Member Contact Thread

    Hey, been here for about 3 weeks now and jsut found my way around to here Really lookin forward to meetin you guys sometime. Anyway heres mah info L3th4lity Real Name: Jake Location: Lake Dallas Region: Dallas AIM: L3th4lity Style: Freehand GSC Status: Newbie And any chance ya need me just text me at 972-358-4341